CableAir has moved to a new location just in time to celebrate its 3 year anniversary!

Our progress was made possible thanks to the support of our amazing members and staff. We are now located just west of the airport restaurant (Maniac Mikes Cafe) with a perfect view of the runway.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Richard French, for sharing the joy of flying with others, for his 24/7 dedication from early mornings to late nights, and his constant availability and commitment to making our office a better and more beautiful place.

Thank you to Foothill Aircraft for servicing the CableAir fleet and keeping our planes flying safely.

To Emily Mohs, for leading initiatives to make the school better, for her shining smile and positive attitude, and for being the glue that holds CableAir together.

To Kelly Renslow, for always picking up the slack wherever it may be, from running the office to assisting with aircraft maintenance, and making everyone feel welcome at CableAir.

To Jasmine Pitts, for volunteering her time to clean the interior of our flight school aircraft. And finally, to our Certified Flight Instructors, thank you for inspiring our Members to become better pilots and reach their goals.

We can’t thank everyone enough,
CableAir School of Flight

Meet Kelly

I come from a line of pilots, so naturally my interest in flying grew by being around the aviation world from a very young age. After high school I began my flight training while attending Mount Sac for a degree in Commercial Flight. Since then I’ve received my AS degree, my Bachelors in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University, and became a Private Pilot through CableAir. Being able to work at CableAir and Foothill Aircraft introducing other people to aviation, as well as learning from other pilots and mechanics has been a tremendous joy. I’m looking forward to acquiring new ratings and certificates, and hope to continue doing what I love with an airline someday.

Meet Robert

I grew up with a little bit of Aviation in my family, with my mom being a flight attendant for Delta Airlines and constantly traveling with her as a kid gave me the inspiration to want to start flying. Had my first flight at Fullerton Airport when I was 16 years old. Ended up going to college at Arizona State University, while also doing as much training as I could at Cable Airport. Received my Private Pilot License in 2019 and shortly after received my Instrument Rating. In 2020 I was able to complete my Commercial License and also received my Multi Engine in the process. Thanks to Covid, I was able to really focus and ended up finishing up my CFI in 2020 as well. I’ve been teaching for about 2 years now as a CFI and just recently received my CFII and have enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to CableAir and Cable Airport I’ll soon be applying to take the next step toward the airlines.